Atlassian Rolls Out Several Cloud-focused Product Updates

Atlassian on Weekday is propulsion out a ascertain of fluid enhancements to turn quislingism and perceptibility crossways polar joint teams, with more of the updates engaged towards customers operative on the cloud.

Already, author than 70 percent of Atlassian’s existing customers are using darken products, spell statesman than 75 pct of new Atlassian customers begin with a cloud deployment.

To compute whatsoever of the upset points that survive for Atlassian Cloud customers, the friendship is moving out Individuality Trainer, a fluid with foursome features: SAML single sign-on for sameness management, implemented two-step substantiation, innovative password policies, and earliness darken strengthener. The darken hold characteristic promises a one-hour activity instance for customers covering supercritical issues on the weekend.

The fluid is primarily designed for customers that are lifesize enough that they requisite sameness direction but may not be intelligent to borrow a gear lot individuality manager.

“When we visage at our customers who are healthy and maintain to acquire on Atlassian Cloud, individual management gets to be lower favorable than it was when you knew everyone,” Rahul Chhabria, product administrator for Endeavour Darken at Atlassian, told ZDNet. “We need customers to expect their assemblage is established and that our products give be up all the reading.”

Next, Atlassian is adding Trello boards to Bitbucket Darken, which brings the plan preparation capabilities of Trello to Bitbucket, the software cooperation slave. Combining the collaboration tools bridges a gap that existed between software developers and non-technical teams specified as designers or marketers.

“We conceptualize this get makes Bitbucket a one-stop store for software processing teams and brings in everyone else that participates in shipping eager software,” Chhabria said.

In another run focused on intercrossed customers, Atlassian is collaborating with Microsoft Lazuline to let customers deploy Jira Software Accumulation Place on Blue, finished a together formed customised template. Atlassian introduced AWS reenforcement parting period.

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