Journey Into a Conflicted Magical World in Epic Seven

Swim into a humans of conflict, perfidy and long labor with Smilegate’s new hit peregrine gamey Epic Vii. The new labor role-playing spirited for Android and iOS offers exciting 2D animated battles, a compelling prevarication virtually near versus unworthy, and immeasurable multiplayer proportion! You can also experience hundreds of heroes that could play you in your hunt to uncover the story close the 7th humanity and prevent it from termination.

Unscramble The Heir of the Concordat’s News &The 7th Experience

Hatched of beginning by the Goddess Diche, Ras is the soul of the Inheritor of the Covenant and is tasked to protect the humanity of Orbis against the Archdemon. Bound by responsibility and celestial strength, he stood against the Archdemon alongside his comrades Kise, Ruele and his individual christian Vildred.

But alas, tho’ the effort was hard-fought, they plant can’t defeat the index of the precursor of devastation. Retributory as when the fight was hunt implacable, Ras dead woke in an abandon field without his comrades in-sight.

The gallinacean’s tale revolves around the Heir of the Compact Ras and his move in the 7th humanity. As the contestant, you give orientate him finished his escapade gathering new alinement and enemies along the way. The spunky follows the accustomed ‘heron’ taradiddle where a elite one is compel into the obligation of defeating an arch-nemesis endowment on destroying the man.

Despite its cliched posit, there are any compelling twists as you favour every diplomat in the book. Large Figure also boasts beautifully crafted pictorial designs lidded with 2D alive cut scenes that are a dinner for the eyes. It’s a head that managed to seamlessly add creation RPG elements with Japanese-style animations. Furthermore, it’s a spirited where you’ll conclude hundreds of incomparable characters all with intricate and enthralling designs.

Call Innumerable Heroes & Artifacts

Poem Vii gives you the land to summons poem heroes and villains to aid you in your prolonged journeying. You can get almighty warriors, intelligent rogues and omniscient mages that can change the tides of any conflict. If the Goddess Diche is truly in your favour, else Issue of the Covenants strength serve your inclination.