Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Staying unique and relevant in this competitive mobile app market can be a undertaking due to the deluge of recent apps that flood the app shops each single day. Google Play Store pegs the variety of apps it had in at the stop of 2017 at three.5 million while the Apple Store got here in second at 2.1 million. Apps have become one billion-greenback industry generating revenues for companies huge and small and there have been many memories of successful enterprises that started out from a notable app. 2018 has seen the evolution of app development move into new frontiers including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT).

The giants of the tech industry had been that specialize in these concepts among different things of their annual developer meetings. Microsoft started out with their Build 2018 developer convention in Seattle and Google just kicked off their annual Google I/O 2018 conference with each groups emphasizing the bigger roles of AI and IoT of their respective ecosystems. Here are a few other things which have been announced that set the trend for app development in 2018 and past.

Smarter Assistants

Developments in AI has paved the manner for even smarter voice assistants. It has stronger mobile apps like recommendation engines, behavioural focused on, and a greater customized social revel in.

Google Assistant has now developed into a greater advanced AI that could understand context on many degrees and feature a more human-like verbal exchange with the consumer. It can now call groups that don’t have an online presence and communicate with their representatives on behalf of the user to book a reservation or inquire approximately beginning hours on vacations.

Cloud Computing

The introduction of cloud computing has elevated the competencies of apps by improving their garage or computing capacity and are not tied to the restrictions of a phone. Apps like Dropbox have been around for decades providing cloud storage for both people and agencies alike and adding greater functions like encryption and report or folder sharing.

Mobile & Desktop Synchronization

Mobile apps are supposed to replace computer apps however every now and then the pleasant answer is a higher integration among apps and laptop running systems. Windows 10 has announced Timeline which goals to communicate resultseasily with iOS and Android telephones to give you a extra seamless enjoy when switching from cellphone to computer and vice versa. It lets in you to ship SMS or email and read a shared web site from within Windows 10.


Internet-Of-Things (IoT) is a time period that describes a machine of gadgets this is linked to the cloud to provide apps the capacity to carry out far off operations, automation, and tracking. There were many IoT merchandise that had been brought with the aid of a diffusion of manufacturers together with related cameras and clever appliances.

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