What To Consider Besides Bandwidth And Cost

When you are deciding on a voice/facts network answer to your enterprise the obvious elements to think about are bandwidth and cost. However in case you base your whole solution on the ones elements alone you danger going through issues you can have effortlessly avoided with just a piece extra strategic idea and planning.

The article “Why Do Businesses Prefer T1 And T3 Bandwidth Connections” is a good attempt at addressing the enterprise issues concerned with the choice making manner for a small or medium enterprise with limited telecommunications / community connectivity needs.

But this is only a start.

For companies, with extra than rudimentary community connectivity needs, there genuinely is a whole lot an awful lot more concerned in riding those varieties of decisions. Also, there are several extra generation options past T1/T3 (aka DS1/DS3) and xDSL. It’s also essential to remember that Bandwidth and fee, whilst important, are hardly ever the only drivers of answers in this space.

The driving force for solutions right here is business problems.

What does your commercial enterprise want?

High extent public and/or non-public network throughput? Robust Availability with Substantial SLA (Service Level Agreement) ensures? International attain? Flexibility? Cost Effectiveness? Consistent product/feature availability within a given geographic place? And so on.

If a commercial enterprise’ telecommunications desires are:

five or much less locations with Email, Web surfing and ~20 telephones lines or less….Than xDSL, Cable or a Mixed Services (integrated) Local DS1 are all on the table as options.

For larger agencies that could have a need for non-public connectivity among branch locations, to keep a name center, host net or external associate going through servers, or in anyway rely on network connectivity as a part of their sales circulate…… XDSL or Cable are hardly ever options.

Businesses in this category want the reliability and “recognized quantity” of telco services, that tend to leverage DS1, DS3, OC3/12 and so forth as neighborhood access, as a component of availability in their larger answer. Additionally Metro Optical and Ethernet solutions, in which to be had, are an increasing number of fee powerful and flexible alternatives to copper and SONET based nearby get entry to services.

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